About Yeh spa

Welcome to Yeh Spa Bali and our personal philosophy! We offer a large selection of traditional Asian spa treatments and products. There is always something new at Yeh Spa so we hope you will explore and feel free to let us know what you think.Of course, some things at Yeh Spa haven't changed at all. Our commitment to you is still the same, that your treatment will be carried out be a well-trained, professional therapist using natural products which are good for your body and won’t harm the environment. We still produce all our products in Bali, by hand, and every formulation is blended from fresh, natural ingredients.With these things taken care of you will be able to relax in our beautifully created peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of your treatment. 

What's the special Yeh Spa.

The Yeh Spa is designed in the style of a modern day spa, with three double wide massage rooms and open air comfortable five reflexology sofa space and beautiful garden.It is has been designed as a sanctuary for weary travelers,stressed professionals or loving couples,a place where they can revive both body and soul with proven healing aromatherapy and massage treatments.The Spa's burning scented oils, gentle rhythmic water sound and lush greenery all relax guests' senses.


Using Bali’s natural products to help preserve the earth,Providing high quality environments for health & wellbeing


Yeh Spa signature massage and treatments.

High quality, easy to clean and long lasting effective aromatherapy oil.

Ecologically respectful products.

Beautiful atmosphere spa environment.

High standard treatments from well-trained therapists at reasonable prices. 



Professional Massage Oils,All natural botanical oils formulated for professional therapeutic use. 

These professional quality Botanical Massage Oils use the natural properties of plants to relax the mind, soothe muscles, stimulate the body’s vital functions, and keep skin healthy and smooth. Each is handmade with care in individual batches with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients including some of Nature’s finest therapeutic oils: sunflower, coconut, soya, extra virgin olive, and sesame. This luxurious and highlytherapeutic blend of plant oils penetrates deep beneath the skin, feeding the body with rich nutrients and anti-oxidants. To this we add a purposely formulated blend of pure and natural essential oils with signature healing properties of the plant species from which they were distilled. The result is a unique blend of natural oils specially suited for professional therapeutic body treatment.



The highland town of Ubud is always on the traveler’s itinerary. Although increasingly talking on a rather kitschy and trendy veneer, Ubud is still a focus of aesthetic pursuits and inspiration.Ubud Located about an hour drive from Denpasar international airport.Enjoy a city beautiful rice terraces and traditional arts.The 2010 films "Eat Pray Love"and on location. It is increasingly popular and booming for Ubud.  


West of downtown Ubud

Jalan Raya Ubud heads west from downtown Ubud towards Campuhan. Along the way, artiest Antonio Blanco’s fabulous mansion is at the top of a steep driveway, just after Campuhan Bridge and before the road bends right. Further along on Jalan Campuhan (what Jalan Raya Ubud turns into after making a sharp northward bend west of town) stands what is undoubtedly the finest collection of Balinese artwork on this island, the Neka Museum (Open daily 9am-5pm) 


Our neighborhood


Ananda cottage,Pita Maha (Hotel),Uma ubud (Hotel)


Indus (beautiful Valley view restaurant) ,Mozaic (French restaurant)

Nuries warung (BBQ restaurant)


Bintang Super market (Grocery store)