Are you ready for complete rejuvenation and the beginning of a life transformation?

Do you want to feel and look younger, have more energy, and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle with love & peace?


For several years it has become the "In thing" for tourists to pay a visit a healer during their holiday in Bali.With the release of the film based on the wildly popular book "Eat Play Love" in August 2010, the demand exceeded all boundaries. 




60 minutes  Rp  500.000     


BOOK NOW✔  *One day before reservation. 


Kundarini reiki master healer 

Mr Wayang Meja


Kundalini Reiki initiator He was in born in Ubud in 1970. He had amazing experience as just 3days       recovered when disease from the healer hypnotherapies mental therapy then he started learn  about Reiki. Now he has many students in Jakarta, Australia, Japan.



Reiki master will be receive power from universe it will be transfer to guest then do cleansing   chakras after cleansing chakras get way of energy. Energy according to work alone it will be mental positive and health condition from your request. 


Available Kundalini reiki master training. Please contact us.


60 minutes session  Rp 500.000    



BOOK NOW✔     *One day before reservation & Morning time session only


Balinese Shaman Healer 

Mr Nyoman Supardi 


Balinese Mangku / BALIAN healer He was born in Ubud 1976, and grew up with uncle of traditional healer These traditional healers are taking advantage of the knowledge you have inherited from our ancestors, and to treat the physical and mental illness, has played an important role in the Bali culture.


Leading Balinese traditional spiritual healer. The healing will be start to interactive session and find your key of life. And he will be help you that Chakras energy working as remove all negative mental,physical ailment,thinking to positive new happy life and it disorder also process to be improved.